GRP-based design solutions for the energy industry

We need energy every day in our modern lives, whether it’s gas, oil, electricity, water, solar power, wind energy or wave power. Fibre composite materials can prove useful in all of these areas due to their good corrosion resistance, electrical isolation properties and high mechanical strength.

Fibre composite materials consist of glass fibre and resin, so do not rust. This significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and upkeep. There’s no longer any need to renew corrosion protection regularly, as there is with steel structures.

Structures like walkways, ladders, staircases, etc. made of fibre composite materials can do a great job in places where the materials should not conduct electricity or have to be grounded in a complex manner, as such materials have electrically isolating properties.

Are you looking for a plastic that can bear high loads and is highly stable? We’re happy to help. If necessary, we can also supple fibre composite materials that exceed the mechanical properties of metals. We can manufacture your fibre composite component or special structure, such as a staircase, walkway, ladder, splash and protective guards completely to your needs.

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