Mobile platforms

We can create mobile platforms on request. Discuss your mobile platform requirements with us. For mobile platforms we generally use GRP construction profiles manufactured in accordance with EN 13706 / E23. This ensures that the platform has a minimum load-bearing capacity. These GRP construction profiles typically have an isopolyester resin matrix. For structures that are exposed to higher chemical stress, we can also use profiles with a vinyl ester resin matrix. If profiles need to be connected with angle brackets, we generally use V4A stainless steel connectors. We do not use short GRP remnants for such connections because they are not sturdy enough.


Special structures

We work with you to develop a mobile platform that is completely tailored to your production needs. It goes without saying that we also take the applicable  standards and regulations into account.


Mobile platform for washing station

This small mobile platform is used to provide employees with a safe standing space within the wet zone of a washing station. The side rollers prevent the platform from tilting.


Roller set

If a GRP platform is to be fixed in operating mode, but then simply moved when it is not in use, our roller set is ideal, as it is easy to pull out of the platform.


GRP railings and gratings

We can also meet special requirements for GRP railings (e.g. plug-in, folding, special shapes, etc.) and GRP  gratings (e.g. very fine mesh, increased load-bearing capacity, etc.).


Special platforms

Here you can see a platform that has been specially developed for the chemical industry, with a  customdesigned cable reel.


Rollable platforms

We manufacture rollable platforms for different applications, specially tailored to your needs.


Customised solutions

Do you need a customised solution? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a special design for the chemical industry or series production, let’s think through the task together.


Verifiable structural analysis

We have already conducted structural analysis of many of our designs. If you have a special requirement, we will be happy to also provide structural analysis for your design, calculated by an independent structural engineering firm.


Delivery and assembly on site

In addition to delivery, our experienced assembly team can also perform installation on site.

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