0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds – thanks to carbon

Carbon is a composite material and differs significantly from quasi-isotropic materials like steel or aluminium. As with glass fibre-reinforced plastics, the material properties depend on the direction. With a density of approx. 1.6 g/cm³, the material is very light, while maintaining good rigidity and vibration behaviour. If you want to increase the rigidity of a GRP component, it is often sufficient to use a blend of glass and carbon fibres.


Designing fibre composite components

As an engineering firm producing fibre composite components, we can help you create the right design for the components that your project requires. We collaborate with you to come up with a design for a suitable solution. As a supplier of systems, we are able to deliver your components to the desired standard of quality, in the correct quantity and on time.


Carbon? Yes, but low-cost!

Carbon is a fascinating material. However, it’s also very expensive. An ingenious mix of glass fibre and carbon fibre can often result in costeffective solutions. Whether you need a profile or a 3D or free-form component, we have the right partners for your project.


The utmost precision

We can machine even highly complex parts like the carbon roof of a sports car. We have created a special kind of milling device for drilling, milling and counterboring this three-dimensional carbon part in batches.

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