Corner and plug-in profiles and seat support covers

TC products aren’t always apparent at first glance. They often resolve problems in complex assemblies. For instance, they are used to meet the need for a component that has good thermal insulation properties, but is also lightweight and has a high mechanical load capacity.

Providing solutions with composite materials:

  • Lightweight yet high rigidity and strength
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Freedom in design for customised shapes
  • High-quality, paintable surfaces
  • Undercuts can be created in the profile
  • Universal for radio waves

Corner profiles

These GRP profiles were designed to connect different components to each other at a right angle. They transfer mechanical loads, while also ensuring good thermal insulation.


Plug-in profiles

Plug-in profiles hold sealing around the window and are designed to withstand the mechanical loads that  occur here. The profiles are also painted to a high standard of quality.


Seat support covers

As part of the casing in buses or railway vehicles, seat support covers ensure good thermal insulation, while also serving as a cover for the load-bearing seat components. As shown here, air can be distributed via the hollow chambers. They are painted to give a high-quality textured finish.

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