GRP-based design solutions for electrical industry

Fibre composite materials have huge advantages in the electrical industry. We have already manufactured components for the track bed that are isolating yet capable of bearing mechanical loads. We have also built GRP lattice towers that can carry large aluminium conductor rails. The conductor rails had a cross-section of approx. 200 x 400 mm and supported several-tonne loads for each tower. They were fitted with electrically isolating cable floors equipped with special fire protection (B1 class, in accordance with DIN 4102).

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Fibre composite components can be created in such a way that they are light yet able to withstand high mechanical loads. Let’s discuss your project.

Fibre composite materials have electrically isolating properties. Nevertheless, if necessary, carbon fibre composite materials or composites can be fitted in such a way that they can conduct electricity. This is because there’s not just one type of fibre composite material.

If you drop a fist-sized rock onto an approx. 3 mm-thick GRP panel from a height of 1 m, you’ll notice that the surface is scratched. Such an impact would not typically cause a dent, as the material returns to its original state.

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