Mobile telecommunications

Glass fibre-reinforced plastics are ideal for use in the field of mobile communications.

They are

  • weather-resistant
  • mechanically rigid
  • light and impact-resistant
  • and they have good dielectric properties

Glass fibre-reinforced plastics are used as a housing for antennae and ensure that the electric components perform consistently, regardless of the weather.


Radome antennae

TC is working with the customer to develop suitable solutions for antenna systems. This ranges from small batches all the way up to large-scale production, naturally including the necessary mounting and connecting parts such as cover components with cable bushing, brackets for mobile phone masts, etc. The parts are processed on our high-precision 5-axis CNC machinery.


Housing for satellite positioning devices

TC designed and constructed a weather-resistant housing in a very small batch for highly sensitive satellite positioning measuring devices. Do you already have an idea of what we could do for you?



We work with our customers to design customised solutions based on fibre composites. Talk to us!

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Mobile telecommunications