TC Corporate Presentation

TC Corporate Presentation-03-2021.pdf
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Certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, system supplier for FRP-based products and tailor-made constructions of FRP

Techno-Composites Domine QM WA 18 de.pdf
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Certificates to demonstrate the suitability for manufacturing adhesive bonds

Certificate DIN 6701 Class A1.pdf
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Certificate DIN 2304 Class S1.pdf
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European Adhesive Engineer.jpg
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Certification acc. to ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS = International Railway Industry Standard)

IRIS Certificate.jpg
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Brochures and leaflets

GRP solutions for many industries.pdf
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GRP solutions for traffic and transport.pdf
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GRP solutions for the chemical industry.pdf
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Reference 5-door housing.pdf
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Reference Airflow system for the Desiro ÖBB.pdf
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Reference Air flow system for the RRX.pdf
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Reference Buses.pdf
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Reference Carbon.pdf
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Reference Contract Manufacturing.pdf
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Reference Corner and plug-in profiles.pdf
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Reference Door supports for the ICE 4.pdf
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Reference Electric crane platform.pdf
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Reference Façade elements for the Deichman Library.pdf
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Reference GRP ladders.pdf
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Reference GRP profiles.pdf
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Reference Interior deck system for the Desiro ML.pdf
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Reference Interior deck system for the RRX.pdf
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Reference Interior deck system for the Desiro ÖBB.pdf
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Reference Mobile platforms.pdf
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Reference Mobile telecommunications.pdf
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Reference Mobile stairs.pdf
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Reference Oscillating frame structure.pdf
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Reference Repairing of side walls for buses.pdf
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Reference Roof Panels for the Flexity tram.pdf
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Reference Roof Panels for Sprinter Lighttrain.pdf
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Reference Salt spray test facility.pdf
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Reference Side panel casing.pdf
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Reference Spoiler for the M5000 tram.pdf
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Reference Spray and touch protection.pdf
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Reference Stairway.pdf
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Reference Railings.pdf
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Reference Roller shutter.pdf
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Reference Roof rim for trams.pdf
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Reference Walkways and platforms.pdf
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