TC stands for customized solutions based on GRP. And for unlimited quality and reliability. The high quality standard of our products and services is confirmed by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate.  

In recent years, we have continuously enhanced our in-house quality management and trained our staff specifically. So, for example, we have had ourselves certified to certification level CL4 for welding of rail vehicles. We have also built up extensive expertise in bonding technology. We currently employ two European Adhesive Engineers (EAE/Klebfachingenieur DVS-EWF 3309 and WF 517-01), two European Adhesive Specialists and four adhesive craftsmen.

Moreover, in recent years we have increasingly invested in CAD, drawing management and EDP in order to accelerate and optimize in-house processes.

With our ERP system, we plan and control the entire production process. Electronic data interchange with our customers is no problem.

Shown here is an overview of our certifications.

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