The better solution.

TC stands for individually designed products based on GRP. Every day our engineers and technicians develop intelligent solutions for demanding applications which are worked out in the minutest detail. There is a need for TC solutions in a wide range of industries. Our fibre-reinforced plastic products are sought-after in the chemical industry, in electroplating, in the construction of plants and cooling towers and in the transport sector. They are valued among other things for their lightness, corrosion resistance and durability. Our subsidiary VT Domine offers long-lasting cable routing systems for the protection of cables.

The sections we use are produced using the pultrusion process and meet the most stringent requirements for safety and quality. Want to know more about the advantages of fibre-reinforced composites? Then please get in touch with us! 

Our product range:

  • CAD detailed designs (2D/3D)
  • Special designs
  • Advice with regard to safety regulations and specifications
  • Provision of verifiable statics
  • Prefabrication of components and installation on site
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