Certified bonding technology.

Many companies face enormous challenges when bonding fibre-reinforced composites and metals. Stringent safety standards must be observed particularly in the transport sector. Over the years, TC has amassed a wealth of expertise in this field. As a result, we are certified in accordance with DIN 6701-2 in the highest class A 1 for bonding rail vehicles and vehicle components. In the course of this certification, we trained two European Adhesive Engineers (EAE/Klebefachingenieur DVS-EWF 3309 and WF 517-01) and two European Adhesive Specialists (examined in accordance with DVS-EWF3301 and EWF 516-01) in addition to four European Adhesive Bonders (examined in accordance with DVS-EWF 3305).

Our activities in bonding technology are monitored by our two in-house European Adhesive Specialists, examined in accordance with DVS-EWF 3301
and DVS-EWF 516-01.

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