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Techno-Composites Domine GmbH
Dieselstraße 34
49716 Meppen

Construction of new production facilities in Meppen

Acquisition of a commercial site with an area of 1.545 m² in the industrial zone Meppen-Nödike; construction of a roughly
700 m² production hall at the premises in Meppen. TC moves the production from Haselünne to Meppen and pools all activities at one site – Meppen.

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Certification according to DIN 6701 Klasse A1

Certification according to DIN 6701 Class A1 for manuracturing adhesive bonds on rail vehicles. The certification according to DIN 6701 Klasse A2 we had completed successfully already in 2010.


Commissioning the new head office and production site in Meppen

Commissioning the new headquarter in Meppen: ca. 10.000 m² premises, 3.400 m² production and storage area, 335 m² office area.